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Travel Preparations- Part 2

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Identify your Luggage

Place photocopies of your identification in your luggage to help your airline or cruise ship to return it if lost while travelling.

Use your own Padlocks

Use your own padlocks instead of the padlocks supplied with suitcases. It is usually safer. Remember to keep the key(s) in your carry-on luggage.

Another Way to Identify your Luggage

Tie a colorful ribbon on each of your bags for quick identification at the baggage claim.

Photocopy your Identifying Documents

Photocopy all documents and cards and store it in a secret place in your suitcase. If your wallet is ever stolen, you will know exactly what you have lost and will have all the telephone numbers to call to cancel credit cards and the credit card numbers, etc. at your fingertips.

Scan your Identifying Documents

Instead of photocopying all your important documents and carrying them with you, you can scan everything and email the scans to your email account as attachments. You can use a free web based email such as or so you can access your documents from anywhere in the world.

Rent a Wireless Phone

You can rent a GSM (Global System for Mobiles) wireless phone before you leave your country. For a small amount of cash a day, you can have one phone, with one number that will work in over 92 countries worldwide. These are great for the business traveler, families leaving the kids at home, or anyone who just wants to stay in touch.

Convert your Cash

Convert some of your cash to the currency of the country you are visiting to get a better deal.

Regarding Your Passport

Make sure your passport does not expire within 6 months of your date of travel. A large majority of countries insist that your passport be valid for at least that time period or a year. Make a copy, in case you lose it while on vacation, you can send the copy to your Embassy.

Departure Tax

Find out before you depart whether there is a departure tax, and how much it is. Some countries do charge a small fee and will not let you board your flight without first paying it. It is best to reserve an amount of cash, as credit cards and other forms of payment are not accepted.

Arrange for Car Rental Collection

Reserve your car rental (if necessary) and arrange for collection in your arrival airport.

Do you have an International Driving License?

Get an international driving license (if necessary). Many car rental services insist on an international driving license.

Confirm your Reservations

Be sure your airline tickets and hotel reservation is confirmed, otherwise you may not have a reservation at all.

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A Travel Guide is Most Certainly a Compass

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In order for you to get some pleasure from your holiday, you should be prepared with the names of places that best fit your own temperament. Ask yourself what are the spots you can visit that afford you the nicest time at the best prices. As you prepare for your holiday, youll discover that a travel guide is most certainly a compass. The guide, like a compass, will direct you to your destination. Of course, its where you want to go in order to achieve your holiday vacation pleasure and enjoy your vacation to the hilt. If you keep this in mind then your holidaymaking will be a success.


No matter how delightful, pretty, or celebrated the place is, the primary job of a guide should offer you excellent travel directions. It should give clear concise comprehensive details about how to reach wherever youre headed; and as always, the shortest route makes it all possible. Of course, you want the more inexpensive offer available. Your holiday life will be really easy if someone hand holds you the way that only a good travel guide will.


The next step you should learn from a guide is the main attractions that your chosen location will offer. The guide will index these attractions for easy reference and will offer you comprehensive details. I am talking here about details such as the street address, or how to reach it by transit. (In some cases, you may have to use private transport). Other facts the guide may give you is the historic significance of the tourist spot, plus any other pertinent information that may be of interest.

The one thing a travel guide should never be is short on information and facts. These facts assist travelers who are planning to visit the attractions. One thing the guide might also tell you is whether you have the time and the financial budget to visit the various attractions. If there were no guide available, the holidaymaker would have to rely on the locals to explain everything. This would not be a reliable situation. In fact, the information obtained from locals is very often inaccurate.

Accommodation and Food

Your travel guide has information about your accommodation and restaurants. It should be complete and up-to-the-minute about the areas budget, medium and high-end hotels, complete with their charges. This is needed so that you can plan your reservations in advance. That way you wont end up in spots where it is unsafe, otherwise problematic, or just too costly. A good guide will deal with the subject of seasonal travel. As a last word, you ought to be able to see when and what you should not visit. On the subject of when, for example, the top tourist time is usually known to anybody who travels regularly. Therefore, you may not wish to travel to that destination on holiday when youll meet a huge stampede of people. Besides this information, there are numerous other forecasts about your chosen location. Another plus for traveling with this kind of forecast information, is that your vacation may actually pay a fraction of the what you might have paid.

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Travel Guides for Proper Travel Planning

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There are two kinds of travellers that are commonly seen. One kind of travellers loves to go out on trips and expeditions without any kind of planning. Again there are other travellers who love to plan their trip in a proper manner so that there are no problems in the entire trip. The best way to plan properly for a trip is by following the guidelines that are there in various travel guides. For that, the most important thing required is to select the right kind of guide that will assist you in various kinds of things while travelling or on a trip. You can also note down the important things from the guide and make a checklist from the same so that nothing is missed out and all the important things and points are covered.

Apart from guides in booklet format, nowadays travel guides are also available online. The greatest advantage of having the guides in the online format is that they can be accessed at any time of the day and from any place. You just need to have a laptop with you along with some internet connectivity. Nowadays internet can be accessed from mobiles as well. Using smart phones can help you in a great way as you can refer to the maps and other things online. In fact, if you are not prepared for the next day of travelling, you can prepare for the same with the help of online guides at the end of the day from any place. The best thing is that you will not miss out on any place if you have a proper guide.

On gathering information from a reliable guide, it is possible to have complete knowledge about a place. When you are planning a trip, there are certain things that you must know about the place. The first thing that is important is to know about the location and the geographical features of the place. The location of the place will determine many factors. For instance, the weather and climate of the place, the lifestyle, the food habit, and the kinds of clothes that need to be carried etc will all depend on the location and the geographical features of the place. It will be a great help for you as you can prepare accordingly for the trip.

Apart from this information, travel guides will also provide comprehensive data on the various places of attractions. A brief history of the place of attraction, along with the charges of entry fee, the timings of the visit and several other data is provided in the guides. You will also get information regarding the various hotels and resorts in the place. Data related to hotels, restaurants, pubs and local eateries are also available in the guides so that you can enjoy a good stay at the place.

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